Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Kingdom of Joy: Henry is back

Arsenal suffered a disappointing loss in the dying minutes of the match in their last game at Craven Cottage. Our team lacked the cutting edge and a paid a heavy price for their Christmas exertions. With the dearth of goals and lack of creativity in the midfield, Arsenal was down but not out. We're buoyed by the imminent return of the King, Thierry Henry. After a lot of  yo-yoing, Titi's loan deal was completed in a typical Arsenal fashion. Most importantly, Arsene had ensured that his "best" son was eligible to start against Leeds United for a 3rd round FA cup tie.

Before the game, the excitement was palpable. There was abnormal Twitter activity and every Gooner wanted Titi to make a winning return and begin another glorious chapter in Arsenal's history. He started on the bench and for once I hoped that we don't leave the job for him. But it was as if written in the script. Arsenal produced a dominant midfield performance albeit with few half chances. Leeds defended deep and were happy to take the tie to Elland Road. Our players huffed and puffed, one got injured  but to no avail. It was as if the stars were aligning for the King to make his comeback in the most grand manner. Only 20 minutes left in the game, Arsene introduced Titi. When he came on the pitch, Titi looked very focused and determined to not let his comeback game become a dour affair. After 10 minutes, Titi scored with the side of his foot beating the keeper and curl the ball at the far post. It was a classic Thierry Henry goal and it led to celebrations at the Emirates which I've never witnessed before (not even when we beat Barca). It was a historic moment which will add to the legend of our new stadium. Titi was buzzing with adrenaline after the goal and the whole Goonerverse was chanting the name of one and only Thierry Henry.

It was one of the moments I will never forget in my life, it was something very special. The goal shows that Titi's still got that touch in him and Arsene was not wrong to sign him up for a short-term deal while he searches for a long-term solution. In his post-match interview, Titi appreciated the performance of young gunners Yennaris and Miquel who put a decent shift last night. He also mentioned about behind-the-doors Arsenal legends Tony Colbert and Paul Johnson, people who make the backbone of this glorious club. Last evening's result and the manner of the win will lift the morale of the team and strengthen our self-belief. With Gervinho away at ACN, next few run of matches along side Thierry could possibly do wonders for Arshavin.

It was one heluva night for me where I could manage only for 4 hours of sleep but it was worth it. I witnessed something magical, something which only happens in the movies. I had witnessed the Return of the King. We love you Titi and we welcome you back.

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